The aspirations and reality of FIFA 2017

FIFA 17 is not just another game, it is a phenomena. It has already caused an uproar among the fans which is trickling down to the ones who were, till now, quite nonchalant about the launch. This may be due to the ‘The Journey’ video doing its rounds in social media and YouTube. Nonetheless, the trailer speaks oodles about the changes EA has brought about to make FIFA 2017 a raging success.


The life and game of Hunter

In the aforementioned video we see Alex Hunter rave past through the various challenges posed by life. He is a rising star who want to make a mark in the premier league. You, the gamer, is given the chance to play Hunter who has to undertake several tasks and make several challenging decisions to make the most of an opportunity. You need to play your best shots to make sure that you win at the primer league game and at life.

Big names, big inspirations for game characters

The other characters are based on the likes of Marco Reus, Eden hazard, James Rodriguez and Anthony Martial. The video made Marcus Rushford comment, “The Journey video makes me think of my own life and career.” Yes people! The rendering and the storyline is that real. The rendering is impeccable, you will be able to distinguish each and every audience in the background and even interact with inanimate objects as well.

A change of engine

EA Sports has finally shifted from Ignite engine to Frostbite which gives you much more than just a game. Frostbite gives you seamless gameplay with complete interactive features. All the expressions are executed with perfection. All the actions and moves are based on real traits of the players. The games and situations are derived from real life events which makes the game completely immersive for all grades of players.

More support, better gameplay

This brings us to console support. Well if you are the lucky owner of an Xbox 1 or PS 4 then you have no reason to worry at all. The game is also compatible with Xbox 360 and PS 3 versions. Now if you are nothing short of a PC patron, then you may have to wait an added month for the launch of the PC version of FIFA 2017. However having a Windows 7 64-bit platform with a 6 GB RAM and 16 GB of free space is enough for playing this awesome game. Additionally, you will need an Intel Core 13-550 3.2 GHz processor or an AMD Phenom II X3 715 processor for seamless gaming. EA is aiming for widening its compatibility with the new FIFA game.

Launch date and a little more

Rumors are, EA will be launching the game in advance for the EA members. But the announced launch date is 27 September for all residing in North America, which includes both Canada and USA. For the rest of the world the official launch date is 29 September 2016. No price range has been described yet for the  FIFA  ranges. Rumors are, you can choose from a standard, deluxe and super deluxe packs which mostly differ in the number of premium gold packs and team of the week players on loan. Are you looking for gaming keyboards for your laptop. Do not forget to check our list of Best gaming keyboard.