Best alternatives to Kik Messenger – Complete List

Kik is a messaging app developed by passionate young students from University of Waterloo in Canada in 2004. They have foreseen the future of themobile industry and started working on new technologies to in this industry and launched in October 2004. Since then the app had grown and had a user base of 240+ million. Kik login online had been used by 60 % of the teens in the USA and is popular among them.

kik alternatives

7 Best alternatives to Kik Messenger

There are many other alternatives to Kik messenger, some with many innovative and creative features than Kik and some with simple and more easy to use apps. Let’s see the other alternatives to Kik Messenger.


WhatsApp is one among most used messaging apps in the world with almost a Billion+ users which way lot more than Kik users. WhatsApp needs a mobile number to use the app and mobile number of other users to chat with them. The app syncs with your contacts list and show you who use the service. It is one best alternative to Kik Messenger.


iMessage is an instant messaging app developed by Apple for its devices. It is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac and had a Billion+ devices connected. IMessage is available default in iPhone as amessaging app which had both iMessage and standard messaging service. It is having simple to use user interface and needs the mobile number of another user to message.


Viber is another alternative for Kik, it had messaging and Voice over IP service(VoIP). Users can also talk with other users with the app using theinternet. Viber had access to a lot of mobile operating systems Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Bada, BlackBerry OS, Nokia Series 40, Symbian, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows making it one of the most flexible apps in the messaging apps. It is also having a user base similar Kik with 240 Million.


Snapchat is instant messaging and multimedia mobile application. It is famous among teenagers due to its many creative and unique features. Users can take snaps or record videos from camera and add stickers, text,Gifs and much more to the photos and videos and share them with your friends. Snapchat had active users of 100 million+. It is one best app to use if you like to do more than regular messaging apps.


Hangouts is also a good alternative to Kik messaging app. It had many features like messaging, video chat, VoIP, group video chat and many other. It collects contacts from your Gmail and google+ and adds them to hangouts. It is available for Android, iOS, Chrome OS, OS X, Windows, and Linux.


WeChat is cross platform instant messaging app developed by Chinese-based Tencent company. Since its release in 2011 it had gained over 700 million users and had 70 million users outside China. This app is available on Android, Symbian, Blackberry, iOS, Windows and web-based access to Windows and Mac.


Line is another best alternative to Kik with more creative features like 10k+ Stickers, emotions to choose from and send to your friends and family. You can send Text, photos, videos and much more like video conference, voice over IP(VoIP). It is available for wide range mobile operating systems and is having a user base of almost 600 million+.

These are the best alternatives to Kik with many more unique and creative features. What is your favorite messaging app? Please use our comment section to reply.