Factime Vs Tango Comparison: Which Is The Best?

Chatting and video calling apps have taken the whole world upside down since smartphone rises as one of the medium of smart telephony now-a-days. Facetime is the king when it comes to do video calling on Apple device. Tango which is a new app comes in front to throw a stiff challenge to the market leaders like Facetime. It’s time to decide which one the best is.

Facetime vs Tango

Here we are going to draw a line of comparison between Tango, a new video calling cum chat app and Factime, the father figure of video calling in iOS.

Factime Vs Tango- Comparison

Compatibility is one of the biggest issues now. Facetime is limited to the Apple users while Tango can be used on any platform. That’s why using Tango can be used in cross platform video calling. So Tango is better than Facetime when compatibility is concerned.

Tango does not scan your contacts for displaying who are on Tango also if permission is not given while Facetime does it as it already got permission during installation. Using Facetime is more buttery as it does all the things so that you can start video calling instantly without searching for anything else.

Tango features video and audio calling with some really awesome stickers and emotions while Facetime does not support anything except video calling. Nothing but Facebook messenger can match this one till date. Here it is proved that Tango is more intelligent and packed with verity of features.

Developer of Tango stressed for a versatile app which not only engages in chatting and video calling but also provides a whole new taste of social networking which means a public profile and news feed with all amazing bells and whistles. Tango also has a fully fledged in app shop named as “my shop” where you can shop for your friends and anyone.

On the other hand Facetime tries to stick itself into the motto of providing quality video calling experience which it is famous for. And we have to admit it that it did the thing so amazingly because Apple uses its own server to promote its own calling app which means it is less lagging while in Tango uses worldwide servers that may appear lagging sometimes.

On pen and paper, Tango is the clear winner over Facetime when compatibility and features are concerned but Facetime offers streamline video calling experience. Noe choose your one and decide which one to go with now.