Factors to be considered while buying a gaming mouse

The gaming mouse is one of the most vital things in a gamer’s life. They usually spend a fortune to buy the best gaming mouse available in the market.  If you are a beginner, you would have a question, what is a gaming mouse? Well, a gaming mouse is a desktop essential mouse with some extra features incorporated into it. These extra features would include programmable buttons, high sensitivity, better grip, and balanced weight.

Now, you may ask what the difference between standard mouse and gaming mouse is. The answer is simple, technically both the devices do the same function. However, a gaming mouse will have more precision and would have an ergonomic design.

There are several factors to be considered while purchasing a gaming mouse. Here is a list of factors that need to be considered.

  1. Dots per inch (DPI) –

DPI means the sensitivity of a gaming mouse. In a mouse with higher DPI, the farther will the cursor move when the mouse is moved. It simply means that the cursor will react to the smallest mouse movements. Ps: A higher DPI mouse is not always useful or better unless you want your cursor to fly all the way across the screen with a small mouse movement. This is why most of the high DPI gaming mouse has buttons that allow the user to switch between different DPI settings.  So while purchasing a gaming mouse, you should be careful to check whether the device has such option to switch the DPI settings.

  1. Polling rate –

Polling rate in a gaming mouse simply means how often the mouse sends a report of its position to the system (computer). It is usually measured in Hz and a mouse with higher polling rate will react faster to the mouse movements. For example, if the device has 500Hz polling rate, then the device would report its position 500 times every second to the computer. In other words, the mouse would report its position to the computer in every 2 milliseconds. So while purchasing a gaming mouse always consider buying the one with high polling rate.

  1. Wired/Wireless –

Well, I don’t have to explain what is meant by wired and wireless mouse. Every computer user living in this generation would be familiar with wired and wireless devices. When it comes to the question of which type of mouse to be purchased for the better gaming experience, it is practically impossible to answer. Both wired and wireless mouse have their pros and cons. However, technically wired mouse tends to higher DPI and polling rates when compared to a wireless mouse. On the other hand, wireless mouse can be placed anywhere and has no issues with wires running across the desk or their looks. So, purchasing a wired/wireless mouse is totally your choice, but I would recommend choosing the wired mouse.

  1. Design and comfort –

Some gaming mouse is designed for people who use a claw grip, some are designed for people who use a palm grip, some for bigger hands, some for a smaller hand, and some mouse have different height as well.  These features would let you use the mouse for a long time without any strain. So, while purchasing you should be careful to check the dimension and specification and buy the device accordingly.


If you are a gamer and a beginner you should start paying more attention to your mouse and remember to choose the gaming mouse 2018 suitable to your needs according to the factors mentioned above. Always remember that comfort and quality comes in different packages and a suitable gaming mouse can give you an edge that could help you complete your gaming computer