FIFA 18 Gameplay All Set to Get a New Look With Latest Additions

FIFA 18 is one of the bigger names which are waiting in the pipeline to be launched in the course of the rest of the ongoing year. The fans have been long waiting for some official updates regarding the FIFA 18 gameplay, and finally, they got some when the new video came out recently.

The new video which has been brought to light by EA Sports reveals the fact that the gameplay is going to be much more exciting than what it used to be. The crossing system has been evidently upgraded. In the gameplay of FIFA 18(, a gamer can send in as many as three types of different crosses, and that is a real bonus.

The three types of crosses which the video has revealed are going to be lobbed crosses, searching crosses and whipping crosses. So that will be really great for the gamers. This is because, all this while, we have seen that only two types of crosses can be delivered from the flanks – the more conventional one and the flat grounded cross. These new crossing abilities will add more dimensions to the game, and that’s a certainty. Also, this will make the FIFA 18 gameplay much more complicated as well.

gameplay features of Fifa 18
FIFA 18 gameplay

So, one aspect of the game is clearly going to be upgraded. But there are other things as well which need to be upgraded. One such thing is the corner system. It’s way too complicated. When you are playing a video game what the gamers love is a much simpler system which will enable them to play it in a much more realistic way. In the actual game, corners do serve as a great source for scoring goals. However, in FIFA 17, it turned out to be something else as gamers found it really difficult to reap the benefits from the corner. So this aspect of the gameplay in FIFA 18 needs to be addressed.

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Another important thing about the gameplay is the player rating. And incidentally the players, too, keep an eye on the rating that is assigned to him or her in the game. That has become all the more evident because Michu Batshuayi has revealed in his official Twitter handle that he wants to see a much better OVR being assigned to him when the game comes out.

Wrap Up

What happens eventually certainly remains to be seen. More updates regarding the FIFA 18 gameplay are bound to come in. And if you want to keep an eye on all those, do not forget to revisit this page soon.