Here’s a Look at the Probable Devices Which Will Support Apple iOS 11

Apple has always been one of the busiest smartphone developers across the world. Not just smartphones, Apple is popular among the tech enthusiasts across the world for the number of other electronic gadgets which they manufacture. And over the decade we have seen that Apple has never run out of innovative ideas when it comes to the development of the new devices. What this has done is really incredible. Most of the tech followers now wait for something special from the house of Apple whenever there is any hint about a new device from the house of Apple.

And as the trend has been set all the eyes are already on the expected releases that are going to take place from the Cupertino-based tech giant. Like other years, this year also we have a huge list of expected devices that are going to be launched by Apple. Not only new devices, but there are also expectations that Apple will launch their latest software update this year. Well, that is not at all an expectation because it is quite sure that there is going to be Apple iOS 11 coming out very soon.

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Regarding the relapse date of the latest update of the software from Apple, there have been speculations going on in the market. But most of the speculations are of the opinion that the Apple is going to roll out iOS 11 very soon. Perhaps it is going to be the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is going to take place at San Jose in the month of June. This is because that has been the trend set by Apple that the US-based tech giant rolls out their latest software update during the WWDC.

Now with the release of each of the edition of the software update from Apple, there are always confusions which are created regarding which devices are going to support the latest update. This is because we have witnessed over the years that the software updates rolled out by Apple have often been found to be non-supportive in many of their own devices. Hence, it is quite obvious that there is going to be a similar sort of a situation when we come close to the launch of the Apple iOS 11.

But to provide the users with some sort of a guide, we are here with a list of the devices which will be able to support the updated software. And the list of iOS 11 Compatibility is provided below in a tabular form.

iPhones which will support iOS 11

    iPhone 5S

    iPhone SE

    iPhone 6

    iPhone 6 Plus

    iPhone 6S

    iPhone 6S Plus

    iPhone 7

    iPhone 7 Plus

List of iPads which will Support iOS 11

    iPad Mini 3

    iPad Mini 4

    iPad 4th Generation

    iPad Air

    iPad Air 2

    iPad Pro 9.7-inch

    iPad Pro 12.9-inch


Not only iPhone and iPad, but the iPods are also at the risk of losing compatibility with the launch of the iOS 11. However, there isn’t going to be any worrying sign for the users of the Apple iPod Touch 6th generation for it is believed that it is going to be only iPod compatible with Apple iOS 11.

So it seems that we have provided an all-exhaustive list of devices from Apple which will run on the Apple iOS 11 which is expected to be rolled out by the developers very shortly.