‘Pokémon Go’ Release Date, News & Latest Update

Have you checked out the latest leaked Pokémon GO gameplay from Australia? It shows what 9 whole minutes of adrenaline rush looks like. Players get to choose their own avatar, costumes, facial features etc. Although battling wild Pokémon may still be too utopic, you can still capture them with a PokeBall.


As the trailer shows, in case a player wants to battle a Pokémon using other Pokémon on iphone the player will have to visit a gym and join any of the Yellow, Blue or Red teams. A player can train his or her Pokémon in order to proceed to the next level. All of this can be done using just a Smartphone provided you have synced it to your main console.

Camera and Pokémon Battles

New features include the POV during a PokeBattle. The camera is trained behind the Pokémon characters which offer an unabated view of the Pokémon battles. The beta versions contain a number of toggle options for the optimal view of training and battles. The game is still being tested and it is being said that capturing Pokémon in this new Pokémon GO game will be tougher than ever. A player will need much more skill to capture and train their Pokémon.

Locations: reality and fantasy

On a less serious and more fascinating note, the gameplay shows that Pokémon GO has used a mishmash of real life locations with fantasy settings to bring the Pokémon game to life. Locations like New York, Paris, Hokkaido and Kanto have been featured in more than one frame. Players can interact with their surroundings as they travel around the globe to capture their favorite wild Pokémon. Once a player has located a wild Pokémon he can simply tap on his smartphone screen and throw a PokeBall at it to capture it. Players can replenish the collection of PokeBalls and Great Balls at museums, monuments, public art installations and historical markers.

Exciting new features

A player can progress from one step to another becoming Trainer to complete their Pokedex. Catching the same species of Pokémon for a certain number of times will give players the option to help evolve. One may even chance upon Pokémon Eggs at the PokeStops which usually hatch after walking some distance. Each Pokémon Egg is a surprise package since they may potentially contain new species of Pokémon with special superpowers which have never been seen before.

Release date and countries

If you are lucky, you can soon be invited to one of the field test runs for Pokémon GO. The game will be made available in 2016 for android and iOS users, however other specifics of release date are not yet known. The Pokémon Go Beta App will be first released in Japan followed by USA, Middle East and different parts of Asia. we hope that iphone 8 will come with inbuilt pokemon App.