Rockstar Games To Delay Development Of GTA 6

GTA hasn’t yet unveiled a lot about the GTA 6 owing to its strategy to rather have the focus of the audiences on GTA V launched in September 2013. Apart from a couple of rumours from here and there, there is a lot yet to be unveiled.


Rumoured to hit the market in 2018, GTA 6 could as well be extended to as long as 2020. This however isn’t a first when the fan base of GTA is left wondering as to when will there be some real time news about the GTA 6.

The developed for the game has also chose to rather skip a couple of play station meets and expos, one of the major one being the E3 2016, where the fans waited for some news to come their way about the GTA 6. To their disappointment, they were left waiting and anticipating, as no news was revealed.

This year, Rockstar games did not appear at the play station meet to give the slightest of hints about the GTA 6. The Sony however, revealed about its next gaming console, namely the Play station pro, which shall be a slimmer and a better version of the PS4.

The fans are therefore fuming with rage due to their absence from all the meets and expos, leaving their excitement levels a little lowered and their minds all frustrated. There are news about the delay in GTA 6 owing to Rockstar Games’ current focus on the GTA V. The fans however, don’t seem to be convinced and therefore are super disappointed about the same.

One thing we are pretty much sure about is the fact that the GTA 6 shall not be hitting the market in the near future. Because if that were the case, there would have surely been some news coming from the developers, which, is definitely not the case.

The fact that the developers chose to simply skip all the major meets from this year is what seem to be not registering well with the audience. Let us all hope that the developers come up with some news about the GTA VI soon and give a sneak peek into what they have planned for the upcoming GTA 6.

If not a glimpse of the features, the additions and the deletions, let us at least hope that the developers tell us a date on which we could expect the GTA VI to be out in the market, or a date on which we could know at least something about the rockstar’s next creation.