Samsung Galaxy S8 : All Probable Specifications

With the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung started off with a great year. The Smartphone received nice reviews and was pretty much in the good books of all. Then came the Note 7, which had a battery explosion, resulting to the recalling of the phones earlier this year.

Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 Specs

It is time already, that we now talk about the upcoming flagship from the company, the Galaxy S8. Let us have a look at what exceptional or what things can we expect from the probable saviour of the Samsung for the next year.

Metal and glass seem to be the thing for Samsung phones. Over the period of the paste years, Samsung has tweaked around with its basic metal and glass model, which we think shall remain this year as well. The past two models had the edge version to them, whether we’d see it in the Galaxy S8 also is what we’re yet to know.

Coming to the display aspect, since Smartphones these days are nothing but all super high pixel stuff, so the S8 would as well not remain behind in the league and up itself with a 4k display. The curved display would only help the phone stand out from the rest along with the 4K resolution screen. This will as well be a step forward in the wake of VR, where the pixels per inch ration would be upped, thereby providing a super detailed virtual reality experience.

Apart from the above rumors about the 4k display and resolution, there are also talks about the Samsung having a GPU from chip designer ARM to support the same. The ARM Mali G71 would turn out to be a significant upgradation in the sense from what we have seen in the past.

Next on the list we have the camera feature, probably the most important aspect of the phones these days. Samsung’s focus was upon low light performance in the 2016 flagships and of course, with that remaining the focus for the phone, we are hoping to see bigger pixels with brighter lenses. The 12 MP benchmark for the Samsung phones continues to be as it is.

Next in line comes the time when we’d finally see the Samsung S8 in the market. After what we saw with the Note 7, we did think that there could be a delay in the device’s delay. However, Samsung put aside all the rumors and promises to be sticking to the February-march launch date just like always.

So that was it about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 as the next big thing from the company the next year! here is the list of best selfie stick which is compatible with galaxy s8.