Xbox 2 Price: What Can we Expect?

This gaming world is massive. And with serious gaming enthusiasts, the gaming universe has provided a lot of consoles. With modern day gaming consoles, the rivalry comes within two competent giants, while one is the Microsoft’s Xbox, another happens to be Sony’s PlayStation. Having been given the idea of the next Xbox One X, gamers are not constant, thus speculations are hyped up about the next Xbox 2 price. Therefore, we are here with the answers to the queries of the upcoming Xbox 2 console. One quick note! With the unveiling of Xbox One X, another envisions happen to get into the limelight, and that’s where Xbox 2s’s rumors are born.

Xbox 2 Price: How Will it Play its Part?

Console’ price happens to have a direct impact on gamers to get their hands on them. This certainly remains to be constant when we are concerned with Xbox 2 price. With the pricing strategy, we have different aspects that are based upon it. Therefore, a look-over at the pricing is pretty useful to predict the future models more significantly. Just to go by the past evidence, Xbox was initially developed by Microsoft in 2011 costing a substantial amount of $299. With the inclusion of a host of features, the gamers really liked the console, and thus the price was worth the experience.

XBox 2 price
XBox 2 price

Next, there was the Xbox 360. Developers introduced the console in 2005 which happened to be a phenomenal success. But with the pricing of 360, gamers witnessed different prices. And the cost appeared to stay between 299 and 399 dollars. Xbox 360 became immensely popular, and in fact, many consoles nowadays are judged against the famous 360 console. After that, Microsoft launched the Xbox One with a price tag of 499 dollars. But this console extensively received a poor sale. However, this was negligible to Xbox One’s emerging popularity, and hence the developers considered making a comeback with yet another console in the name Xbox One S.

Released in the year 2016, the One S’s price dipped when compared to the price of its predecessor Xbox One, as the Xbox One S console priced at just $399. Year 2017. And Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X console at E3 conference which has been scheduled for November 7 release. According to to the company, One X happens to be the most powerful console till date which is justifiably priced at $499, which means, Xbox 2 price may vary as developers have not yet started to work on it. But serious fans do believe the console to compete with the next-gen of PlayStation (PS5) and might appear between 2019 and 2020. That leaves us with the closure of Xbox 2 price to be pegged up with a price tag between $499 and $600.

The Final Words

In conclusion, we hope this article was good enough in delivering everything to know about Xbox 2 price. But if you still have any queries, watch this space for more updates.